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Merry Christmas and a celebration of 10 things to be thankful for today

Merry Christmas from the Health Ranger, and thank God it’s finally okay to say “Merry Christmas” again in America.

This Christmas, it seems like a time for special introspection as we head into 2018, a year that’s sure to be tumultuous. Yet despite the many areas of chaos and uncertainty we all face in the near future, there are things happening right now that are worth celebrating, too. In this Christmas article, I list 10 things to be thankful for right now:

#1) Your body is a miraculous self-healing system

If your body wasn’t a miraculous self-healing system, you wouldn’t even be alive right now. Consider all the infections you’ve beat, all the injuries you’ve healed and all the times you’ve made it through cuts, scrapes, accidents or close calls. Your body is genetically programmed to function as a self-repairing biological system, meaning you already possess the most astonishing nanotechnology in the cosmos. In fact, it works on autopilot, without you even having to think about it.

To “activate” your greatest healing potential, of course, you need the right nutrition, providing your body with the molecular building blocks and valuable elements / minerals it uses to accomplish its tasks. Thankfully, you also live in an era of amazing nutritional abundance with easy access to the world’s most powerful superfoods, healing herbs and healing foods. All you have to do is be wise enough to avail yourself of those solutions, and your body will do the rest.

#2) You live with more freedom than almost anyone else in the history of humanity

Despite the fact that we are still living in a medical police state due to mandatory vaccine insanity, forced chemotherapy and other tyrannical interventions carried out essentially at gunpoint, we still enjoy more freedom that almost anyone who has lived before us.

The history of human civilization is largely a history of total enslavement, where most people lived as subjects under tyrannical kings. America’s Republic was a radical departure from the chains of tyranny, lifting humanity into a new era of individual liberty and inalienable rights. This freedom continues to bless us all today, which is exactly why this website even exists. That’s also why we must all continue to defend our Republic against attempted left-wing radicalization which is openly trying to overrun America with communism. Cherish the freedom you have… and do everything in your power to defend it at the voting booths during each election.

#3) The credibility of the legacy media has utterly collapsed

Another joyful improvement to our world comes in the form of the credibility collapse of the legacy media (formerly known as the “mainstream media”). Now, with CNN pumping out hilariously false fake news on a daily basis, no rational person believes anything the network reports. The Washington Post, New York Times, NPR and MSNBC are all now widely recognized as bastions of hilarious fake news ginned up on top of make believe “anonymous sources” that don’t even exist. Only those who live in liberal “bubbles” — who don’t read any real news outside the bubble — still believe those discredited news rags.

As nearly all intelligent people have now come to realize, the only real news in our world is the independent media. That’s why so many of the world’s best journalists — such as Glenn Greenwald and Sharyl Atkisson — have gone independent. We’ve also seen the rise of courageous organizations that conduct real journalism investigations, including Wikileaks and Project Veritas. Our own news aggregation website is also gaining readership daily (it’s mobile friendly, too). Truly, 2017 was the year the fake news media collapsed. Corporate-run media is, almost by definition, fake media.

#4) The rise of cryptocurrency means people are voting NO on central banks and fiat currency

Although Bitcoin is surely in an insane bubble right now, the good news about the mania surrounding cryptocurrencies in general is that people are voting NO on corrupt central banks and government-issued fiat currency. Even though I’ve warned people not to get into Bitcoin at the moment (because of the mania surrounding its price), I’m simultaneously elated to witness the global rejection of central banks and fake (fiat) currencies issued by bankrupt governments.

I’m convinced Bitcoin isn’t the final answer to decentralized currency — it can only handle a few transactions per second, making it useless for widespread commerce — but it blazed the trail for another cryptocurrency that could seriously challenge the global currency hegemony kept in place by central banks and corrupt governments. A new era of “money” may soon be upon us. Cryptocurrencies are going to get faster, more secure and more popular in the years ahead. At some point, they might actually pose a legitimate challenge to the global banking cartels that currently run the world.

#5) The truth about toxic food ingredients is finally going mainstream (what we’ve reported for the last 10 years is coming true…)

Everywhere you turn, mainstream science is now finally acknowledging the toxicity of popular food ingredients that I’ve been warning about for over a decade. For example, scientists just recently warned about the brain damaging effects of canola oil, the No. 1 oil used in so-called “natural” foods and groceries. It’s bad for your brain, didn’t you know?

The truth is also coming out about heavy metals in foods and supplements (an area where I pioneered lab science research and public awareness), hormone-disrupting chemicals in food packaging plastics, and toxic pharmaceuticals in public water supplies. What people are now coming to recognize is that processed food is often toxic to human biology.

#6) Congress just passed tax reform that will allow most Americans and small businesses to keep more of the money they’ve earned

Thanks to the effort of President Trump, Congress just passed a tax reform bill that will benefit nearly all Americans by allowing them to keep more of what they earn. While a few wealthy individuals in high-tax states might pay more under the new law, these are the same people who have long argued that it’s a noble act to “contribute” more to the government through high taxes anyway.

For nearly everyone else, people will see the creation of more jobs in America as a tidal wave of corporate cash comes flooding back into the USA thanks to the corporate tax rate dropping to just 21 percent. I can’t overstate how big of a deal this is. It means that all those corporations which previously used offshore tax havens and tax jurisdiction strategies to avoid paying the crazy high tax rates in America will now keep their profits in America, pay the 21%, and invest the rest in expansion and growth.

The upshot is that literally millions of new jobs are going to be created in America in the next three years alone. Businesses will expand, employees will earn more, and many goods and services will even drop in price because the cost of doing business in America is suddenly more affordable for business owners. The positive impact this will have on the economy will truly be legendary. I don’t even think the lawmakers who voted for this know the full extent of the financial windfall this is going to generate for the U.S. economy…

#7) Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all been discredited for their Orwellian censorship and oppression of voices of truth

Just five years ago, tech giants were universally worshipped by nearly everyone. Now, at least half the country knows that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all extensions of the deep state that spy on users and selectively oppress voices of truth that challenge the status quo. Now that the public is awake and aware of the extreme evils of these tech giants, we will witness a rapid transition to alternative services and an increase in people who don’t trust anything the tech giants tell them.

As a great example of that, Facebook recently had to yank their “fake news” tag that was being added to some stories because their own research found that labeling something “fake news” made Facebook users more interested in reading it! It’s also widely known now that Politifact and Snopes are radical left-wing propaganda operations run by lunatics and liars who hilariously pretend to have a monopoly on “truth.”

#8) You don’t live in Venezuela, where children are starving to death because of the catastrophic collapse of socialism

Thank God that America still has enough free market economics and patriots to crush the attempted efforts of radical left-wing nut jobs who are trying to turn America into a communist state. Socialism and communism always leads to extreme poverty and, eventually, genocide or mass murder. Look at the legacy of communism over the last 150 years and you’ll see a trail of murder, bloodshed and human suffering. America, however, is a land of patriots, where free market defenders and armed citizens simply will not tolerate the rise of radical left-wing socialism or communism. Thank God we live in a nation where armed patriots will defend America with whatever it takes to make sure communism never takes hold in our land.

Just look at Venezuela to see the total collapse of an advanced, highly-educated, wealthy nation into a despotic, tattered example of starvation and tyranny — all in less than ten years! (That’s the destructive impact socialism can have on a nation.) This Christmas, if you can help the Venezuelan people in any way, please consider making donations so that their children don’t starve. Sadly, the Venezuelan people allowed socialism to take over, and now they are paying a steep price for failing to stand for liberty and democracy. (We can all learn a hard lesson from watching Venezuela. Never let America become a socialist nation, or tens of millions will starve while the political elite eat cake.)

#9) Deep state corruption is being exposed… and some swamp creatures will go to JAIL

Thanks to the efforts of the Trump administration, the deep state is finally being exposed in America. Swamp creatures like James Comey, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe are being outed or fired. Barack Obama’s complicity with Hezbollah terrorists has already been exposed, and large-scale investigations are under way that will no doubt send many swamp creatures to jail in 2018. The Uranium One investigation is being reopened, and the top political mafia boss herself — Hillary Clinton — may actually, for once in her life, face real justice.

Two websites worth visiting for coverage of the deep state include and

#10) We are launching a wave of amazing new projects in 2018

I believe you’ll share in the exhilaration about these new projects because they’ll benefit you, too. Thanks to all your support at the Health Ranger Store — plus the new GOP tax cut for small businesses — we’ve been able to raise the funds needed to pursue these projects in the public interest:

  • A new “lab verified” certification program for food and supplement products, launching in Q1, 2018.
  • An expanded organic food manufacturing and fulfillment facility, opening in February (greatly expanding our manufacturing capacity).
  • The acquisition of new laboratory instrumentation for greatly improved throughput on pesticide extraction and detection.
  • The release of our Biosludged documentary (wrapping up for release in 2018).
  • The launch of a new, enhanced video news studio to launch a video news channel (now scheduled for 2019 launch).
  • The large expansion of our academic science research team, which is now monitoring over 1,300 academic and scientific news sources to bring you breaking news each day.

There’s much more coming in 2018 and beyond. I promise you we are going to continue to fight for liberty, food transparency, medical freedom and REAL science in the new year. We’re also going to work hard to make sure you’re fully prepared for the chaos that’s coming (read while helping you reduce your risk exposure to financial vehicles that look especially risky (like Bitcoin or bonds, for example).

We couldn’t do this without your support, so thank you for all that you’ve done for us in 2017. We’re counting on your support for 2018 as well, and we will use every resource within our reach to pursue the mission you see outlined here. We stand for health freedom, food freedom, medical freedom and human freedom. We will fight for your right to say “NO!” to toxic vaccines, deadly chemotherapy and forced euthanasia (coming soon in California), and we will sound the alarm on pesticide contaminants or heavy metals in foods, herbs and dietary supplements.

There’s a lot more coming from this website in 2018, so stay tuned. We are the new media, and we’re just getting ramped up!


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